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String Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 64

Practice String quiz questions and answers PDF, string trivia questions PDF to solve app development worksheet 64 for online computer science degrees. Practice String Manipulation quiz questions and answers, string Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve c sharp test with answers for online information technology degree. Free string MCQs, MCQs, types, exception handling, delegates, type conversion, string test prep for programming certifications.

"The statement for correctly copying the contents of one string into another is", string Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices string s1 = "string" ; string s2; s2 = string.concat(s1, s2);, string s1 = "string"; string s2; s2 = s1;, string s1 = "string"; string s2; s2 = string.copy(s1);, and string s1 = "string"; string s2; s2 = s1.replace(); for online computer information technology degree. Learn string manipulation questions and answers with free online certification courses for IT certifications.

Quiz on String PDF Download eBook 64

String Quiz

MCQ: The statement for correctly copying the contents of one string into another is

  1. String s1 = "String"; String s2; s2 = s1;
  2. String s1 = "String" ; String s2; s2 = String.Concat(s1, s2);
  3. String s1 = "String"; String s2; s2 = String.Copy(s1);
  4. String s1 = "String"; String s2; s2 = s1.Replace();


Type conversion Quiz

MCQ: The type of conversions that the C# compiler does itself and the type of conversions that user has to perform by using predefined functions are

  1. Implicit ,Explicit
  2. Explicit, Implicit
  3. External, Internal
  4. Internal, External


Delegates Quiz

MCQ: Choose the statement which differentiates delegates in C# different from a normal class

  1. Delegates in C#.NET is a base class for all delegates type
  2. Delegates created in C#.NET are further not allowed to derive from the delegate types that are creat
  3. Only system and compilers can derive explicitly from the Delegate or MulticastDelegate class
  4. All of the above


Exception Handling Quiz

MCQ: The object oriented way to handle run time errors is

  1. Error codes
  3. OnError
  4. exceptions


Types Quiz

MCQ: What is the output of the following code <br/> <code> static void Main(string[] args) { int myInteger; string myString; myInteger = 17; myString = "\"myInteger\" is"; Console.WriteLine("{0} {1}.", myString, myInteger); Console.ReadKey();} </code>

  1. My integer is 17
  2. "myInteger" is 17.
  3. Errors due to wring memory allocation
  4. 0,1 "myInteger"is 17.