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Class Declaration Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 127

Practice Class declaration quiz questions and answers PDF, class declaration MCQ with answers to solve C++ worksheet 127 with online free courses. Practice Classes and Subclasses quiz questions with answers, class declaration Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online computer programming. Free class declaration MCQs, introduction to arrays, c++ and c, java programming language, what does an operating system do, class declaration test prep for computer science programs.

"Member functions and member data that are accessible within the class, are called", class declaration Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices public members, private members, protected members, and none of them for computer science associate degree. Learn classes and subclasses questions and answers with free online certification courses for information and communication technology.

Quiz on Class Declaration PDF Download eBook

Class Declaration Quiz

MCQ: Member functions and member data that are accessible within the class, are called

  1. Private members
  2. Public members
  3. Protected members
  4. None of them


What Does an Operating System Do Quiz

MCQ: Single-user batch processing operating system are those, who has the capability of processing

  1. One task at a time
  2. Many tasks at a time
  3. Two takes at a time
  4. None of them


Java Programming Language Quiz

MCQ: C++-based object-oriented programming language is

  1. Java
  2. Basic
  3. Pascal
  4. Ada


C++ and C Quiz

MCQ: Most important elements added in C to create C++ are

  1. functions and loops
  2. functions and classes
  3. objects and classes
  4. objects and functions


Introduction to Arrays Quiz

MCQ: Float a [3] = {10.2, 33.4, 44.4}; is an example of

  1. Initializing variables
  2. Initializing array
  3. Initializing functions
  4. None of them