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Residual Income Interview Questions with Answers PDF p. 12

Residual Income interview questions and answers, residual income trivia questions PDF 12 to practice Cost Accounting exam questions for online classes. Practice Performance Measurement, Compensation and Multinational Considerations MCQ questions, residual income Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Residual Income Interview Questions PDF: constant gross margin percentage nrv method, planning of variable and fixed overhead costs, gross margin calculations, estimating cost function using quantitative analysis, residual income test prep for online schools for business management degrees.

"An investment is multiplied to required rate of return, to calculate" MCQ PDF with choices transfer cost of investment, congruent cost of investment, operating cost of investment, and imputed cost of investment for online business management classes. Learn performance measurement, compensation and multinational considerations questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for free online classes.

Trivia Quiz on Residual Income MCQs

MCQ: An investment is multiplied to required rate of return, to calculate

congruent cost of investment
transfer cost of investment
operating cost of investment
imputed cost of investment

MCQ: The graphical representation of cost driver data and costs are considered as

plotting the data
plotting the costs
plotting the cost drivers
plotting curved line

MCQ: If the cost of goods sold is $8000, the gross margin is $5000 then the revenue will be


MCQ: The cost allocation base used by an operating manager is classified as

machine hours
flexible hours
variable hours
fixed hours

MCQ: The first step in constant gross margin percentage, Net realizable value (NRV) method is to allocate joint, to compute

Gross margin percentage
total production cost of each product
allocated joint costs
cost of split off point