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Nonlinearity and Cost Functions MCQ with Answers PDF

Practice Nonlinearity and Cost Functions Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), cost accounting quiz answers PDF with live worksheets for online degrees. Solve cost function and behavior Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Nonlinearity and Cost Functions quiz questions for business management classes online. Nonlinearity and Cost Functions MCQs PDF: specification analysis : estimation assumptions, estimating cost functions, curves and nonlinear cost function, cost estimation functions test prep for online business management degree programs.

"The cost function, in which cost does not change with any change in level of activity is a part of" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on nonlinearity and cost functions with choices step price functions, step object functions, step constant functions, and step cost functions for business management classes online. Solve nonlinearity and cost functions quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online college courses.

MCQs on Nonlinearity and Cost Functions Quiz


The cost function, in which cost does not change with any change in level of activity is a part of

step price functions
step object functions
step constant functions
step cost functions


The cost pattern, in which production inputs are to be used in discrete functions, but the quantities are fractional, will be categorized as

continuously variable cost function
fixed cost function
mixed cost function
semi variable cost function


The cost function, in which the graph of total cost would not result in straight line is classified as

nonlinear cost function
linear cost function
linear price function
nonlinear price function


In step cost functions, the cost is increased by

discrete amounts
same amounts
linear amounts
nonlinear amounts


Within the relevant range, the cost function in which cost does not change in narrow ranges of activity is called

fixed cost function
variable cost function
step variable cost function
step fixed cost function

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