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Contribution Margin Calculations MCQ with Answers PDF

Contribution Margin Calculations Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Contribution Margin Calculations quiz answers PDF with cost accounting live worksheets for online degrees. Solve financial ratios analysis Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Contribution Margin Calculations quiz questions for business administration and management colleges. Contribution Margin Calculations MCQ PDF: contribution margin versus gross margin, gross margin calculations test prep for online business administration school.

"If the gross margin is $2000 and the revenue is $5000, then the cost of goods sold would be" MCQ PDF on contribution margin calculations with choices −$8000, $3,000, −$3000, and $8,000 for business administration and management colleges. Solve contribution margin calculations quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for grad cert business administration.

MCQs on Contribution Margin Calculations Quiz

MCQ: If the gross margin is $2000 and the revenue is $5000, then the cost of goods sold would be


MCQ: The revenue is $11000 and all the variable cost is $6000, then the contribution margin would be


MCQ: If the contribution margin is $3000 and the revenues are $9000, then all the variable costs will be


MCQ: The formula to calculate the contribution margin is

revenue - all variable cost
revenue + all variable cost
cost + revenue
revenue - breakeven units

MCQ: If the contribution margin is $25000 and the revenues are $60000, then all the variable costs will be


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