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The e-Book Principles of Measurement Quiz Questions, principles of measurement quiz answers PDF download chapter 4-49 to study online statistics degree courses. Practice Introduction to Statistics MCQ with answers PDF, principles of measurement Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Principles of Measurement Quiz App Download: Free learning app for principles of measurement, data classification, multiplication rules of probability, introduction to statistics, standard errors in statistics test prep for online business administration courses.

The Quiz Type of rating scale which represents response of respondents by marking at appropriate point is classified as: responsive scale, graphic rating scale, pointed scale and marking scale with "Principles of Measurement" App Download (Free) for business administration degree courses. Solve introduction to statistics questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for general business degree online.

Principles of Measurement Quiz Answers PDF Download: Test 49

MCQ 241: The type of rating scale which represents response of respondents by marking at appropriate point is classified as

A) graphic rating scale
B) responsive scale
C) pointed scale
D) marking scale

MCQ 242: The classification on the basis of time order is called as

A) disclosed classification
B) chronological classification
C) external classification
D) internal classification

MCQ 243: For two events, the probability of occurrence of both events at same time or occurrence in series is classified as

A) joint probability
B) dependent probability
C) series probability
D) conditional probability

MCQ 244: The branches of statistics includes

A) applied statistics
B) mathematical statistics
C) industry statistics
D) both a and b

MCQ 245: All the values in sample distribution that can freely varies in the selected random sample from population are indicated as

A) degree of freedom
B) degree of error
C) degree of statistic
D) degree of possibility

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