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Probability Experiments Trivia Questions and Answers PDF p. 45

Probability Experiments trivia questions and answers, probability experiments worksheets with answers PDF 45 to practice Business Statistics exam questions for online classes. Practice Introduction to Probability MCQ questions, probability experiments Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Probability Experiments Quizzes PDF: averages of position, statistics formulas, sampling distribution in statistics, data classification, probability experiments test prep for online BBA degree.

"The outcome of experiment which can be broken into more convenient list of outcomes is called" MCQ PDF with choices gamma event, alpha event, simple event, and random event for bachelor's degree in business. Learn introduction to probability questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for business management degree online.

Trivia Quiz on Probability Experiments MCQs

MCQ: The outcome of experiment which can be broken into more convenient list of outcomes is called

alpha event
gamma event
simple event
random event

MCQ: The classification of data on the geographical basis is also called

reflected classification
populated classification
sampling classification
spatial classification

MCQ: The theorem which states that as the sample size increases the sampling distribution must approach the normal distribution is classified as

limited approximation theorem
secondary limit theorem
primary limit theorem
central limit theorem

MCQ: For the grouped data in calculation of moments from mean, the formula to calculate this measure is

2⁄n Σn(x+mean)r
2⁄n Σn(x+mean)x
1⁄n Σf(x-mean)r
2⁄n Σf(x-mean)r

MCQ: The measure of central tendency which is calculated by considering the most frequent occurring value as central value is classified as

central mode
frequent value
percent value

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