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Rocket Propulsion Quiz Questions PDF - 53

The Book Rocket Propulsion Quiz Questions, rocket propulsion quiz answers PDF download chapter 1-53 to study online physics degree programs. Practice Applied Physics Motion and Force MCQ with answers PDF, rocket propulsion Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The e-Book Rocket Propulsion Quiz App Download: rocket propulsion, angular displacement, significant figures calculations test prep for online degree programs.

The Quiz: Typical rocket ejects burnt gases at speeds of over PDF, "Rocket Propulsion" App Download (Free) with 3000 m s-1, 2000 m s-1, 3500 m s-1, and 4000 m s-1 choices for accredited online college courses. Solve applied physics motion and force questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for online colleges for science.

Physics Quiz: Rocket Propulsion MCQs PDF Download - 53

MCQ: Typical rocket ejects burnt gases at speeds of over

A) 2000 m s-1
B) 3000 m s-1
C) 3500 m s-1
D) 4000 m s-1

MCQ: One radian is equal to angle of

A) 57.3°
B) 57.4°
C) 53.3°
D) 58.3°

MCQ: One revolution is equal to the angle of

A) 90°
B) 180°
C) 270°
D) 360°

MCQ: After the decimal point, the number is less than 5 which is to be neglected,then the retained number

A) gets increased
B) get decreased
C) remains unchanged
D) may decreased

MCQ: Law stated as flux is 1/Eo times the total charge is

A) ohms law
B) newton's law
C) gauss's law
D) coulombs law

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