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Applied Physics: Motion and Force Multiple Choice Questions and Answers PDF p. 5

Practice Applied Physics Motion and Force multiple choice questions and answers, College quiz answers PDF to solve Applied Physics worksheets 5 for online colleges. Solve projectile motion MCQs, Applied Physics Motion and Force trivia questions and answers for admission and merit scholarships test. "Applied Physics Motion and Force MCQ" PDF book: projectile motion, physics equations, physics problems, uniformly accelerated motion career test for best accredited online colleges.

"Time of flight of the body is given by the formula" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on applied physics motion and force with choices t = (2vi + sin)/g, t = 2vi × (sin/g), t = (2vi - sin)/g, and t = 2vi/g for best accredited online colleges. Practice projectile motion quiz questions for jobs' assessment test and online courses for colleges offering online degree programs.

MCQs on Applied Physics Motion & Force Quiz


Time of flight of the body is given by the formula

t = 2vi × (sin/g)
t = (2Vi + sin)/g
t = (2Vi - sin)/g
t = 2vi/g


F = ma, this equation is referred to as newton's

second law
first law
third law
fourth law


A ball is thrown from height of 10m with the velocity 21 m s-1, it will hit the ground at

30 m s-1
31 m s-1
32 m s-1
35 m s-1


From the equations of distance, correct one is

Vf = Vi + 2as
Vf² = Vi² + as
Vf² = Vi² + 2a
Vf² = Vi² + 2as


Range of projectile will be minimum if angle of the projectile is