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Applied Physics MCQ Questions

Applied Physics MCQs - Chapter

Applied Physics: Motion and Force Worksheet with Answers PDF p. 8

Applied Physics Motion and Force worksheets with answers, Applied Physics Motion and Force trivia questions with answers PDF to learn Applied Physics mock tests 8 for online certification. Learn physics equations MCQs, Applied Physics Motion and Force quiz questions and answers for admission and merit scholarships test. Applied Physics Motion and Force MCQ PDF: physics equations, acceleration in physics, momentum in physics, newtons laws of motion, elastic and inelastic collisions career test to learn online certificate courses.

"If a body has 200 kg mass and its velocity gets reduced from 25 m s-1 to 20 m s-1 in 4 seconds, average retarding force on a body will be" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on applied physics motion and force with choices 200 n, −200 n, −250 n, and 250 n for SAT subject tests. Practice physics equations quiz questions for jobs' assessment test and online courses for ACT practice test.

MCQs on Applied Physics Motion & Force Quiz

MCQ: If a body has 200 kg mass and its velocity gets reduced from 25 m s-1 to 20 m s-1 in 4 seconds, average retarding force on a body will be

−200 N
200 N
−250 N
250 N

MCQ: Acceleration produced in a body is the

scalar quantity
vector quantity
physical quantity
both a and b

MCQ: Our hair on our skull act like a

crumple zone

MCQ: Newton's law of motions were stated by the scientist named as

Isaac Newton
John Newton
newton ken
Eric Newton

MCQ: Elastic collision is the collision in which kinetic energy is

not conserved

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