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The Book Urban versus Rural MCQ Questions and Answers PDF, urban versus rural MCQs with answers, test 216 to download online Human Diversity course. Solve Cultural Exchange and Survival Quiz Answers PDF, urban versus rural Test for online learning. The eBook Urban versus Rural Trivia App Download: potlatching, functional school of thought, world system today, families and households, urban versus rural test prep for free online classes.

The MCQ: Descriptive social norms PDF, Urban versus Rural App APK Download with explain why people are not social, are the stories that society tells us about the environment, can either decrease or increase pro-environmental behavior, and none of the above choices for online colleges that offer certificate programs. Study cultural exchange and survival questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for accredited distance learning universities.

Human Diversity: Urban versus Rural MCQ Questions PDF Download

MCQ: Descriptive social norms

A) Are the stories that society tells us about the environment
B) Explain why people are not social
C) Can either decrease or increase pro-environmental behavior
D) None of the above

MCQ: In kinship anthropology, residence is when a married couple lives with or near the wife's mother

A) Neolocal
B) Matrilocal
C) Avunculocal
D) Patrilocal

MCQ: Environmentalist social movements are global in the sense that

A) They increase our awareness of risks that affect the whole planet
B) They appeal to universal values and human rights
C) They use global media to generate publicity
D) All of the above

MCQ: The social science that studies how individuals interact with one another in social systems is know as

A) Psychology
B) Sociology
C) Anthropology
D) Political science

MCQ: According to anthropologists way of organizing production a set of social relations through which labor is deployed to wret energy from nature be means of tools, skills, and knowledge

A) Production
B) Cultivation
C) Mode of production
D) None of the above

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