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Gas Particles MCQ with Answers PDF

Gas Particles Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Gas Particles quiz answers PDF with a level physics live worksheets for online degrees. Solve ideal gas Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Gas Particles quiz questions for accelerated bachelors degree online. Gas Particles Interview Questions PDF: gas particles, temperature and molecular kinetic energy, physics: pressure, gas measurement test prep for ACT subject test tutoring.

"Escape velocity for a particle is about" MCQ PDF on gas particles with choices 5 kms-1, 8 kms-1, 11 kms-1, and 14 kms-1 for accelerated bachelors degree online. Solve gas particles quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for ACT test.

MCQs on Gas Particles Quiz

MCQ: Escape velocity for a particle is about

5 kms-1
8 kms-1
11 kms-1
14 kms-1

MCQ: At standard pressure and temperature the average speed of molecules is

400 ms-1
500 ms-1
600 ms-1
700 ms-1