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Nutrition in Plants MCQ with answers, Nutrition in Plants quiz worksheet with answers key PDF to study O Level Biology MCQ Test 2 for online classes. Photosynthesis in Plants Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), Nutrition in Plants quiz with answers for placement and to prepare for job interview. "Nutrition in Plants " Book PDF: photosynthesis in plants, biology questions answers, amino acid in biology, water transport in plants career test for ACT test.

"To form one glucose molecule (C6H12O6), the number of water molecules required are" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on nutrition in plants with choices eight, six, ten, and twelve for online college classes. Solve photosynthesis in plants quiz questions for jobs' assessment test and online courses for online colleges for science.

MCQs on Nutrition in Plants

MCQ: To form one glucose molecule (C6H12O6), the number of water molecules required are


MCQ: To facilitate entry of CO2 in leaf is done through stomata, as well as through the water film on the

upper epidermis
lower epidermis
spongy mesophyll cells
palisade mesophyll cells

MCQ: Leaves are not essential for the

intake of carbon dioxide
starch formation
process of photosynthesis
receiving sunlight

MCQ: Enzyme required to convert polypeptides to amino acids is


MCQ: Even in the presence of sunlight and water, photosynthesis can not occur due to the lack of

mineral nutrients
essential metallic elements
essential non-metallic elements
carbon dioxide (CO2)