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Primary and Secondary Stock Markets Quiz Answers PDF - 27

The Book Primary and Secondary Stock Markets Quiz Questions and Answers, primary and secondary stock markets Quiz MCQs PDF, chapter 8-27 to download online financial markets course. Study World Stock Markets MCQ Questions PDF, primary and secondary stock markets Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The eBook Primary and Secondary Stock Markets Quiz App Download: primary and secondary stock markets, derivative securities market, financial institutions and services, risk management and financial institutions, loanable funds in fmi test prep for business management degree online.

The Quiz: The orders that are transacted at specified price are considered as PDF, "Primary and Secondary Stock Markets" App (Android & iOS) Free with limit order, red herring order, unlimited order, and assets order choices for online business and management degree. Practice world stock markets questions and answers, Google eBook to download free sample for online business management classes.

Financial Markets Quiz Online: Primary & Secondary Stock Markets MCQs PDF Download - 27

MCQ: The orders that are transacted at specified price are considered as

A) red herring order
B) limit order
C) unlimited order
D) assets order

MCQ: The example of derivative securities is

A) return backed security
B) mortgage backed security
C) cash flow backed security
D) interest backed security

MCQ: The services provided by financial institutions as providing financing to any specific sector of economy such as real estate business are classified as

A) business allocation
B) sector allocation
C) economic allocation
D) credit allocation

MCQ: The risk arises when the technology system may got malfunction is classified as

A) system risk
B) technology risk
C) operational risk
D) support risk

MCQ: The participants of financial system reduce the demand for their funds if the economic growth in

A) domestic market is stagnant
B) domestic market is not stagnant
C) global market is stagnant
D) global market is not stagnant

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