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FAQ: Biochemistry Questions and Answers for Medical Students PDF Download eBook p. 38

Practice "Biochemistry Questions and Answers for Medical Students" quiz PDF to solve biochemistry course test 38 for biochemistry certification. Biochemistry questions and answers for medical students to solve biochemistry quiz with answers for online college courses.

"Utilization and transfer of energy in biological systems is called as" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices bioenergetics, energy gain, thermodynamics, and energy loss for accelerated online degrees. Learn bioenergetics and oxidative phosphorylation questions and answers with free online certification courses to learn free online courses.

Quiz on Biochemistry Questions and Answers for Medical Students Worksheet PDF Download eBook 38

Biochemistry Questions and Answers for Medical Students

MCQ: The utilization and transfer of energy in the biological systems is called as

  1. Energy gain
  2. Bioenergetics
  3. Thermodynamics
  4. Energy loss


Biochemistry Practice Tests Questions and Answers

MCQ: The transport of steroid hormone from the site of synthesis to the target site is mediated by

  1. Blood
  2. Liver
  3. Stomach
  4. Intestine


Basic Biochemistry Questions and Answers

MCQ: Intestinal mucosal cells are named as

  1. leukocytes
  2. Erythrocytes
  3. Enterocytes
  4. Fibrocystic


Biochemistry Lesson Objective Questions and Answers

MCQ: White blood cells are also called as

  1. Plasma
  2. Erythrocytes
  3. Leukocytes
  4. Platelets


Biochemistry MCQs for Lecturer Test

MCQ: A pentose, nitrogenous base and a phosphate group is named as

  1. DNA
  2. RNA
  3. Nucleotide
  4. Nucleoside