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JFET Test Questions PDF - 24

The Book JFET Quiz Questions PDF, jfet Quizzes, download chapter 7-24 to download online electronic circuit design course. Solve Field effect transistors Quiz Answers PDF, jfet Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The eBook JFET Trivia App Download: class b and ab push pull amplifiers, voltage multipliers, diode operation, materials used in electronics, jfet test prep for associate degrees in engineering.

The MCQ Quiz: JFET is always operated with the gate - source PN junction PDF, JFET MCQ App APK Download with without biasing, forward biased, reverse biased, and with narrow width choices for online engineering associate's degree. Study field effect transistors questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for college entrance exams.

Electronic Circuit Design: JFET Textbook Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: JFET is always operated with the gate - source PN junction

A) forward biased
B) without biasing
C) reverse biased
D) with narrow width

MCQ: In the periodic table of elements silicon has an atomic number of

A) 11
B) 12
C) 13
D) 14

MCQ: When Silicon diode is forward - biased

A) the only current is hole current
B) the only current is produced by majority carriers
C) the current is produced by both holes and electrons
D) the only current is electron current

MCQ: If the input voltage to a voltage tripler has an RMS value of 12 V, the DC output voltage is approximately

A) 36 V
B) 33.9 V
C) 32.4 V
D) 50.9 V

MCQ: With the help of pull - push amplifier waveform is reproduced using

A) transformer load line
B) transformer coupling
C) transformer load
D) transformer input

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