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Dielectric Permittivity MCQ Questions with Answers PDF Download

Practice Dielectric Permittivity Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), dielectric permittivity quiz answers PDF worksheet, electromagnetic theory test for online engineering degrees. Solve electrical properties of dielectric Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Dielectric Permittivity Quiz" questions and answers for online engineering graduate colleges. Learn dielectric constant of dielectric materials, dielectric permittivity test prep for grad school interview questions.

"Electric susceptibility is inversely proportional to" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on dielectric permittivity with choices permitivity, polarization vector, magnetic field intensity, and permeability for online engineering graduate colleges. Solve dielectric permittivity quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for undergraduate engineering schools.

MCQs on Dielectric Permittivity PDF Download

MCQ: Electric susceptibility is inversely proportional to

  1. permitivity
  2. polarization vector
  3. magnetic field intensity
  4. permeability


MCQ: Xe=

  1. P/(∊E)
  2. P∊E
  3. (∊E)/P
  4. P/∊


MCQ: Square root of the relative permitivity is referred to as

  1. index of reflection
  2. index of refraction
  3. index of absorption
  4. index of radiation


MCQ: Farads per meter is unit of

  1. electric field
  2. permitivity
  3. permeability
  4. magnetic field


MCQ: ∊sr is equals to

  1. sr
  2. so
  3. s/∊o
  4. s/∊r