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The Book Hypertext Transfer Protocol Quiz Questions PDF, hypertext transfer protocol Quizzes, download chapter 33-209 to learn online computer networks course. Practice WWW and HTTP MCQs with answers PDF, hypertext transfer protocol Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The eBook Hypertext Transfer Protocol Quiz App Download: hypertext transfer protocol, connecting devices, cellular networks, transmission control protocol (tcp), internet working test prep for software engineering online courses.

The Quiz: In Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP), a client can directly connect to a server using PDF, "Hypertext Transfer Protocol Quiz" App Download (Free) with domain, web-based connection, telnet, and linear connection choices for BSc computer science. Solve www and http questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for software engineering online courses.

Computer Networks: Hypertext Transfer Protocol Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: In Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP), a client can directly connect to a server using

A) web-based connection
B) domain
C) telnet
D) linear connection

MCQ: The connecting device which operates at the physical and data link layer is called

A) repeater
B) bridge
C) router
D) gateway

MCQ: In North America, the second-generation Interim standards 95 (IS-95) is based on


MCQ: Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), adds a header to each

A) databyte
B) slot
C) segment
D) frame

MCQ: A connectionless communication of the Internet is established at

A) data link layer
B) network layer
C) physical layer
D) transport layer

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