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Storage Devices Basics Practice Test PDF Download eBook p. 255

Learn Storage devices basics mock test for exam, storage devices basics MCQ with answers pdf to solve computer basics test 255 for online job interview. Practice "Data Storage Trivia Questions" and answers, storage devices basics Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online computer science. Free storage devices basics MCQs, software and copyright laws, main memory, window desktop elements, motherboard, storage devices basics test prep for information and communication technology.

"Most common type of storage device is", storage devices basics Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices magnetic, steel, optical, and flash for online degrees. Learn data storage questions and answers with free online certification courses for associates in computer science.

Trivia Quiz on Storage Devices Basics PDF Download eBook

Storage Devices Basics Quiz

MCQ: Most common type of storage device is

  1. steel
  2. magnetic
  3. optical
  4. flash


Motherboard Quiz

MCQ: In a computer, expansion cards are inserted into

  1. slots of CPU
  2. peripheral devices
  3. hard disk of CPU
  4. back of monitor


Window Desktop Elements Quiz

MCQ: In a computer, pressing and releasing the left mouse button quickly is called

  1. clicking
  2. dropping
  3. pointing
  4. dragging


Main Memory Quiz

MCQ: If computer memory location is to be read, CPU places address in

  1. MAR
  2. MBR
  3. PC
  4. DOS


Software and Copyright Laws Quiz

MCQ: In computer, IR stands for

  1. intelligent resource
  2. intellectual rights
  3. intense rule
  4. internet routing