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Object Oriented Programming MCQ with Answers PDF p. 59

Object Oriented Programming multiple choice questions and answers, object oriented programming quiz answers PDF 59 to study C Sharp course online. Advanced Topics in C# MCQ trivia questions, object oriented programming Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Object Oriented Programming Book" PDF: functions, arrays, disposable objects, structures, object oriented programming test prep for programming certifications.

"Multiple inheritance leaves room for a derived class to have" MCQ PDF: private members, dynamic members, public members, and ambiguous members for information technology masters programs. Learn advanced topics in c# questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for IT certifications.

Object Oriented Programming Questions and Answers MCQs

MCQ: Multiple inheritance leaves room for a derived class to have

dynamic members
private members
public members
ambiguous members

MCQ: A structure can

A struct can contain properties.
A struct can contain constructors.
A struct can contain protected data members.
Both a and b

MCQ: An object that is implementing IDisposable is passed to your class as an argument. Should you wrap the element in a using statement

Yes, otherwise a memory leak could happen
No, you should call Close on the object.
No, you should use a try/finally statement and call Dispose yourself.
No, the calling method should use a using statement.

MCQ: The advantage of using 2D jagged array over 2D rectangular array is

Easy initialization of elements
that it allows unlimited elements as well as rows which had ?0? or are empty in nature
both a and b
easy implementation

MCQ: Select an output for the following code
static void Main(string[] args) { int a = 5; fun1 (ref a); Console.WriteLine(a); Console.ReadLine(); } static void fun1(ref int a) { a = a * a; }