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Capital and Security Market Line Test Questions PDF - 56

The Book Capital and Security Market Line Test Questions PDF, capital and security market line quiz answers PDF, download chapter 8-56 to learn online financial management course. Solve Portfolio Theory and Asset Pricing Models Test PDF, capital and security market line Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The eBook Capital and Security Market Line Trivia App Download: capital and security market line, risk management in finance, financial options, calculating beta coefficient, free cash flow test prep for online business administration colleges.

The Test: In capital market line, the risk of efficient portfolio is measured by its PDF, "Capital and Security Market Line" App APK Download with variance, standard deviation, aggregate risk, and ineffective risk choices for online business management degree programs. Study portfolio theory and asset pricing models questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for accredited online business schools.

Financial Management: Capital & Security Market Line MCQs Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: In capital market line, the risk of efficient portfolio is measured by its

A) standard deviation
B) variance
C) aggregate risk
D) ineffective risk

MCQ: The chance of happening any unfavorable event in near future is classified as

A) chance
B) event happening
C) probability
D) risk

MCQ: An investor who writes stock call options in his own portfolio is classified as

A) due option
B) covered option
C) undue option
D) uncovered option

MCQ: The formula written as 0.67(Historical Beta) + 0.35(1.0) is used to calculate

A) historical betas
B) adjusted betas
C) standard betas
D) varied betas

MCQ: An investment outlay cash flow is $4000, operating cash flow is $1000 and the salvage cash flow is $5000 then the free cash flow would be

A) 10000
B) 8000
C) zero
D) 4000

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