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Carbon Resistances Color Code Quizzes Online MCQs PDF Download eBook - 71

Carbon Resistances Color Code quiz questions, carbon resistances color code multiple choice questions and answers PDF 71 to learn applied physics course for online certification. Practice "Current Electricity" quiz with answers, carbon resistances color code Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to practice physics test with answers for online college degrees. Free carbon resistances color code MCQs, solving physics problem, significant figures calculations, uniformly accelerated motion, modern physics, carbon resistances color code test prep for two year online colleges.

"The resistor which is known as heat sensitive resistor is", carbon resistances color code Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices rheostat, thermistor, capacitor, and resistor for GRE test. Learn current electricity questions and answers for ACT test prep classes. Carbon Resistances Color Code Video

Carbon Resistances Color Code Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Carbon Resistances Color Code Quiz

MCQ: The resistor which is known as heat sensitive resistor is

  1. thermistor
  2. rheostat
  3. capacitor
  4. resistor


Modern Physics Quiz

MCQ: Phenomena that cannot be understood with the frame work of classical physics is

  1. black body radiation
  2. atomic spectra
  3. inertial frame
  4. both a and b


Uniformly Accelerated Motion Quiz

MCQ: From the equations of distance, correct one is

  1. Vf = Vi + 2as
  2. Vf² = Vi² + as
  3. Vf² = Vi² + 2a
  4. Vf² = Vi² + 2as


Significant Figures Calculations Quiz

MCQ: If the number greater than 5 is to be neglected, then the retained number is increased by

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4


Solving Physics Problem Quiz

MCQ: Adding the masses 3.25, 1.25, 6.2 in kilograms, the result up to appropriate precision will produce

  1. 10.7
  2. 10.71
  3. 12.4
  4. 11.2