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Logic Gates Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 6

Logic Gates trivia questions and answers, logic gates quiz answers PDF 6 to practice applied physics exam questions for online classes. Practice "Electronics in Physics" trivia questions and answers, logic gates Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to practice physics test with answers for online college degrees. Free logic gates MCQs, modern physics, applied physics: energy, international system of units, electromagnetism, logic gates test prep for ACT test.

"The two inputs A and B of NAND gate have 0 output, if", logic gates Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices b is 0, a is 0, both are zero, and both are 1 for online bachelor degree programs. Learn electronics in physics questions and answers for SAT test prep classes. Logic Gates Video

Trivia Quiz on Logic Gates PDF Download eBook

Logic Gates Quiz

MCQ: The two inputs A and B of NAND gate have 0 output, if

  1. A is 0
  2. B is 0
  3. both are zero
  4. both are 1


Electromagnetism Quiz

MCQ: In a magnetic field of 2.50 × 10-3 T, if magnetic force is equal to proton's weight, then the proton moves with the speed of

  1. 3.09 × 10-5 m s-1
  2. 4.09 × 10-5 m s-1
  3. 2.09 × 10-5 m s-1
  4. 0.09 × 10-5 m s-1


International System of Units Quiz

MCQ: Units given by the system international for measuring physical quantities are called

  1. IS units
  2. SI units
  3. S units
  4. I units


Applied Physics: Energy Quiz

MCQ: When work done on a body equals the change in its kinetic energy, this principle is known as

  1. work done principle
  2. work-energy principle
  3. work-velocity principle
  4. speed-displacement principle


Modern Physics Quiz

MCQ: When K.Emax of photoelectrons is zero, then the frequency of incident photon relative to threshold frequency is

  1. less
  2. equal
  3. greater
  4. small