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Audience Involvement MCQ with Answers PDF Download - 77

Solve Audience Involvement multiple choice questions and answers PDF, audience involvement quiz answers PDF to learn technical writing worksheet 77 for online past papers exam. Practice Audience Recognition and Involvement quiz with answers, audience involvement Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for technical writing. Free audience involvement MCQs, clarity, user manuals writing, resume, conciseness, audience involvement test prep for online university courses.

"The reader's self worth sense is recognized by utterance of;", audience involvement Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices we, us and our, he, she and it, i, me and my, and all of above for free online college classes.

Audience Involvement PDF Download 77

Audience Involvement Quiz

MCQ: Reader's self worth sense is recognized by utterance of;

  1. he, she and it
  2. we, us and our
  3. I, me and my
  4. All of above


Conciseness Quiz

MCQ: A good example of shun word is known as:

  1. tricycle
  2. identification
  3. column
  4. itemization


Resume Quiz

MCQ: To make 'ASCII' resume transmittal, it is recommended to avoid;

  1. white spaces
  2. italics, underlines, colors, iconic bullets and bars
  3. left alignments
  4. bold letters


User Manuals Writing Quiz

MCQ: More appropriate technical written document for demonstrating thousands of automobile's parts, regarded as;

  1. user manual
  2. report
  3. instruction
  4. facts and figure


Clarity Quiz

MCQ: Alternative word for an obscure word "issuance" termed as;

  1. about
  2. find out
  3. try
  4. All of above