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Economic Cooperation Organization Test Questions PDF - 84

The Book Economic Cooperation Organization Test Questions, economic cooperation organization quiz answers PDF download, test 84 to download online general knowledge course. Solve International Organizations Test PDF, Economic Cooperation Organization Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The eBook Economic Cooperation Organization Trivia App Download: nikola tesla, pedosphere, igneous rocks, eukaryotic organelles, economic cooperation organization test prep to apply to colleges online.

The Test: Scientific bureau of Economic Cooperation Organization is situated in PDF, "Economic Cooperation Organization" App APK Download with turkey, tehran, qatar, and pakistan choices for tricky trivia questions. Study international organizations questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for college entrance test.

General Knowledge Tests Online: Economic Cooperation Organization Quiz PDF Download - 84

MCQ: Scientific bureau of Economic Cooperation Organization is situated in

A) Tehran
B) Turkey
C) Qatar
D) Pakistan

MCQ: Fimbria or pilus is also known as

A) pilin
B) nucleic acid
C) polypeptide
D) polysaccharides

MCQ: Intrusive igneous rocks are classified as

A) gamma-abyssal
B) alpha-abyssal
C) hypabyssal
D) abyssal

MCQ: Pedosphere is the sum of

A) organisms
B) soil and water
C) air
D) all of above

MCQ: Nikola Tesla, immigrated to United States to work with

A) Pierre Curie
B) Charles Darwin
C) Thomas Edison
D) Niels Bohr

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