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Learn Food Chain Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Food Chain quiz answers PDF to study environmental science online course for environmental science classes. Ecosystems Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Food Chain quiz questions for online colleges. "Food Chain MCQ" PDF Book: trophic levels, biosphere, structure and function of ecosystem test prep for distance learning programs.

"The transfering of energy from the source of plants through a series of organisms is known as" MCQ PDF: food chain with choices food chain, food web, energy flow, and biological system for online colleges. Study food chain quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for best online universities.

MCQs on Food Chain Quiz

MCQ: The transfering of energy from the source of plants through a series of organisms is known as

Food Chain
Food Web
Energy flow
Biological system

MCQ: Mangroves and estuaries, less dependent on

Organic factors

MCQ: Which type of food chain starts from dead organic matter and goes to detritivores to predators?

Detritus food chain
Grazing food chain
Biological system
Tropical Level

MCQ: A type of food chain, starts from green plants, get around herbivorous and end up with carnivorous, known as

Grazing food chain
Detritus food chain
Tropical level
Food web

MCQ: What are the examples of detrivores?

Bacteria, Soilmites, worms and fungi
Plants Animals

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