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CVP Analysis Quizzes Online MCQs PDF Download eBook - 137

CVP Analysis quiz questions, cvp analysis multiple choice questions and answers PDF 137 to learn accounting course for online certification. Practice "Cost Volume Profit Analysis" quiz with answers, cvp analysis Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online accounting degree. Free cvp analysis MCQs, customer revenues and costs, residual income, estimating cost function using quantitative analysis, budgeting and responsibility accounting, cvp analysis test prep for online business management classes.

"The contribution margin per unit is divided by the selling price of the product to calculate", cvp analysis Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices cost margin percentage, selling margin percentage, discount percentage, and contribution margin percentage for master's degree in business administration. Learn cost volume profit analysis questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online BBA business administration. CVP Analysis Video

CVP Analysis Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

CVP Analysis Quiz

MCQ: The contribution margin per unit is divided by the selling price of the product to calculate

  1. selling margin percentage
  2. cost margin percentage
  3. discount percentage
  4. contribution margin percentage


Budgeting and Responsibility Accounting Quiz

MCQ: The use of variables to signal whether the strategies are effective or ineffective is classified as

  1. evaluating strategy
  2. performing strategy
  3. warned strategy
  4. weighted strategy


Estimating Cost Function using Quantitative Analysis Quiz

MCQ: The line which uses to join observations with lower and highest values of cost driver is called

  1. straight line
  2. curved line
  3. horizontal line
  4. vertical line


Residual Income Quiz

MCQ: The costs that are not incorporated in accounting records, but are recognized in different situations are classified as

  1. congruent costs
  2. imputed costs
  3. operating costs
  4. transfer costs


Customer Revenues and Costs Quiz

MCQ: For increasing sales, the decrease in selling price, below the selling price list is known as

  1. partial discount
  2. corporate discount
  3. treasury discount
  4. price discount