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Structure of Bacteria MCQ Questions PDF Download - 29

The Book Structure of Bacteria Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), structure of bacteria quiz answers PDF chapter 13-29 to study online courses, college biology tests. Study Kingdom Prokaryotae MCQ trivia questions, structure of bacteria Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The eBook Structure of Bacteria MCQs App Download: structure of bacteria, importance of fungi, muscles, coordination in animals, excretion in vertebrates test prep for free online classes.

The MCQ: Bacteria which obtain their food from dead organic matter called PDF, "Structure of Bacteria MCQs" App Android & iOS (Free) with autotrophs, heterotrophs, saprophytic, and symbiotic choices for colleges offering online degree programs. Practice kingdom prokaryotae questions and answers, Google eBook to download free sample for ACT subject tests.

Biology: Structure of Bacteria MCQ Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Bacteria which obtain their food from dead organic matter called

A) heterotrophs
B) autotrophs
C) saprophytic
D) symbiotic

MCQ: An average of 15-50% of the world's food is destroyed each year due to the attack of

A) algae
B) hydra
C) parasites
D) fungi

MCQ: The smallest contractile unit of muscle fiber is

A) myofilament
B) fibrils
C) tendons
D) sarcomere

MCQ: Cranial nerves also known as cerebral nerves arise from the

A) brain
B) spinal cord
C) vertebral column
D) peripheral nerves

MCQ: The ureter of both kidneys pour the urine in to

A) pelvis
B) urinary bladder
C) urethra
D) ureter

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