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Urea Cycle MCQ with Answers PDF Download eBook - 101

Solve Urea Cycle multiple choice questions and answers PDF, urea cycle quiz answers PDF to learn metabolism worksheet 101 for online past papers exam. Practice "Metabolism of Amino Acids Quiz" with answers, urea cycle Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for nutrition. Free urea cycle MCQs, lipotropic factors, glycolysis, major pathways of carbohydrates metabolism, disorders of purine metabolism, urea cycle test prep for colleges that offer online classes.

"For the excretion from the body, urea is transported to", urea cycle Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices kidney, liver, intestine, and stomach for accelerated online degrees.

Urea Cycle PDF Download eBook 101

Urea Cycle Quiz

MCQ: For excretion from body, urea is transported to

  1. liver
  2. kidney
  3. intestine
  4. stomach


Disorders of Purine Metabolism Quiz

MCQ: Prevalence of gout is about

  1. 2 per 1000
  2. 1 per 1000
  3. 3 per 1000
  4. 6 per 1000


Major pathways of Carbohydrates Metabolism Quiz

MCQ: Production of glucose from non-carbohydrates precursors called as

  1. Gluconeogenesis
  2. Glycolysis
  3. Glycogenolysis
  4. Kerb's cycle


Glycolysis Quiz

MCQ: Glucose-6-phosphate is impermeable to

  1. Cell wall
  2. Cell membrane
  3. Cytoplasm
  4. Mitochondria


Lipotropic Factors Quiz

MCQ: Inositol and choline are part of

  1. Fatty acid
  2. Phospholipids
  3. Steroids
  4. Sterols