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Air Pollution quiz questions and answers, air pollution MCQ with answers PDF 166 to solve Environmental Science mock tests for online college programs. Solve Environmental pollution trivia questions, air pollution Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Air Pollution Quiz PDF: ecological pyramid, atmosphere, air pollution test prep for online bachelor's degree.

"Which gas easily oxidize, paints, textile fibers and dyes?" MCQ PDF with choices so2, co, o3, and no2 for accredited distance learning universities. Practice environmental pollution questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online bachelor degree programs.

Quiz on Air Pollution MCQs

MCQ: Which gas easily oxidize, paints, textile fibers and dyes?


MCQ: Which is the second major layer of earth's atmosphere ?


MCQ: The total amount of living material in an organism at different levels is known as

The pyramid of number
The pyramid of energy
The pyramid of Animals
The pyramid of biomass

MCQ: Siltation in rivers, harbors and reservoirs is caused by

Removal of topsoil

MCQ: Which animal is highly susceptible in farm animals?


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