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Development of International Tourism Practice Test PDF Download p. 87

Learn "Development of International Tourism Quiz", development of international tourism MCQs with answers 87 to prep O level geography certificate online course. Global interdependence quiz questions and answers, development of international tourism Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) for online college degrees. Free "Development of International Tourism " MCQs, human impact, regional development, structure of earth, waves marine and sub aerial processes, development of international tourism test prep for online degree programs.

Learn development of international tourism Multiple Choice Question (MCQs): Tourism products which are used to meet the need of market segment is known as, with choices niche tourism, community tourism, eco tourism, and pro-poor tourism to learn online certificate courses. Learn global interdependence questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online colleges for teaching.

Quiz on Development of International Tourism Worksheet 87

Development of International Tourism Quiz

MCQ: Tourism products which are used to meet the need of market segment is known as

  1. niche tourism
  2. community tourism
  3. eco tourism
  4. pro-poor tourism


Waves Marine and sub aerial processes Quiz

MCQ: Waves occurs, when the ocean floor is steep and suddenly its depth changes known as

  1. solution
  2. destructive waves
  3. plunging breakers
  4. Wave height


Structure of Earth Quiz

MCQ: When plates collide The Earth's crust folds up into mountains and the process known as

  1. subduction zone
  2. trench
  3. ocean ridge
  4. mountain building


Regional Development Quiz

MCQ: Process in which economic growth can lead to more growth and money in the economy is known as

  1. economic core region
  2. deindustrialization
  3. cumulative causation
  4. none of above


Human Impact Quiz

MCQ: Deep portions of an undulating stream bed is known as

  1. flood plain
  2. pool
  3. rapids
  4. waterfall