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Ionic Compounds: Crystal Lattices Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 94

Ionic Compounds Crystal Lattices quiz questions and answers, ionic compounds crystal lattices MCQ with answers PDF 94 to solve O Level Chemistry mock tests for online college programs. Solve Chemical Bonding and Structure trivia questions, ionic compounds crystal lattices Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Ionic Compounds: Crystal Lattices Quiz PDF: paper chromatography, relative molecular mass, salts: hydrogen of acids, molecules and compounds, ionic compounds: crystal lattices test prep for schools that offer online bachelor degrees.

"Fuels like petrol and natural gas are examples of" MCQ PDF with choices covalent bonds, ionic compounds, metallic bonds, and dative bond for online associates degree. Practice chemical bonding and structure questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for colleges that offer certificate programs.

Quiz on Ionic Compounds: Crystal Lattices MCQs

MCQ: Fuels like petrol and natural gas are examples of

ionic compounds
covalent bonds
metallic bonds
dative bond

MCQ: An oil molecule may contain

over 10 atoms
over 100 atoms
over 1000 atoms
over 10 molecules of its distillate

MCQ: All are soluble but

ammonium salts
sodium salts
majority of carbonates

MCQ: Percentage of an element can be calculated through

relative atomic mass of the element in the formula only
relative molecular mass of the compound only
structural formula
relative atomic mass of the element in the formula and molecular mass of the compound

MCQ: In chromatography, different pigments can be separated through

solubility differences
diffusion differences
attraction among particles
capillary action of the chromatography paper

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