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Introduction to Biology Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Practice Introduction to biology quiz questions and answers PDF, introduction to biology MCQ with answers to solve O level biology worksheet 244 for online past papers exam. Practice "What is Biology" quiz questions with answers, introduction to biology Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Free introduction to biology MCQs, limiting factors, drug types, structure of cell: vacuoles, tea and coffee, introduction to biology test prep for online colleges that offer certificate programs.

"Movements from one place to another is called as", introduction to biology Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices irritability, sensitivity, adaptability, and locomotion for two year online colleges. Learn what is biology questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for best ACT prep courses online.

Quiz on Introduction to Biology PDF Download eBook

Introduction to Biology Quiz

MCQ: Movements from one place to another is called as

  1. sensitivity
  2. irritability
  3. adaptability
  4. locomotion


Tea and Coffee Quiz

MCQ: Caffeine is found in

  1. tea
  2. coffee
  3. coke
  4. all of above


Structure of Cell: Vacuoles Quiz

MCQ: Cell sap is found inside

  1. Protoplasm
  2. Cytoplasm
  3. Nucleoplasm
  4. Vacuoles


Drug Types Quiz

MCQ: Illusions, hallucinations and distorted images are caused by

  1. depressant drugs
  2. opiates
  3. cannabis
  4. amphetamines


Limiting factors Quiz

MCQ: Increase in temperature from 20 to 30 °C, causes

  1. boost in rate of photosynthesis
  2. drop in the rate of photosynthesis
  3. stability in the rate of photosynthesis
  4. limiting factor on photosynthesis