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Nutrition in General Multiple Choice Questions PDF Download eBook

Practice Nutrition in General MCQ questions and answers PDF, nutrition in general quiz answers PDF worksheets, O level biology test 2 for online classes. Learn anemia and minerals Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), "Nutrition in General" quiz questions and answers for admission and merit scholarships test. Learn anemia and minerals, college biology, average daily mineral intake, vitamin deficiency, condensation reaction career test for schools that offer online degrees.

"Nutritional anemia means" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on nutrition in general with choices swollen joints, tiredness, tooth decay, and bone deformation for accredited online colleges. Practice anemia and minerals quiz questions for jobs' assessment test and online courses for GRE practice test.

MCQs on Nutrition in General PDF Download eBook

MCQ: Nutritional anemia means

  1. tiredness
  2. swollen joints
  3. tooth decay
  4. bone deformation


MCQ: Which one is true about fats?

  1. an insulating material
  2. a constituent of protoplasm
  3. a substance that restricts water loss
  4. all of above


MCQ: Minerals do not include

  1. iodine
  2. calcium
  3. sodium
  4. iron


MCQ: General feeling of irritability and tiredness may be due to the lack of

  1. proteins
  2. carbohydrates
  3. fats
  4. vitamins


MCQ: Linkage of amino acids is known as

  1. condensation reaction
  2. oxidation reaction
  3. hydrolysis reaction
  4. reduction reaction