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Binary Subtraction Quiz Answers PDF - 127

The Book Binary Subtraction Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) with Answers, binary subtraction MCQ Quiz PDF download chapter 7-127 to learn online computer technology degree programs. Study Computer Arithmetic MCQ Questions PDF, binary subtraction Multiple Choice Questions for online college degrees. The e-Book Binary Subtraction MCQs App Download: computer generations, turing machine and turing test, binary subtraction test prep for computer software engineer online degree.

The MCQs: Compliment of a number can be computed by the formula PDF, "Binary Subtraction" App (Android & iOS) Free with (base)² + 1 + n, (base)² -1 - n, (base)² + 1 - n, and (base)² -1 + n choices for computer software engineer. Practicecomputer arithmetic questions and answers, Google eBook to download free sample to learn online certificate courses.

Computer Technology MCQs: Binary Subtraction Quiz Online PDF Download - 127

MCQ: Compliment of a number can be computed by the formula

A) (Base)² -1 - N
B) (Base)² + 1 + N
C) (Base)² + 1 - N
D) (Base)² -1 + N

MCQ: A study of what computers can and cannot do is named as

A) Sequential machine
B) Analytical machine
C) Turing machine
D) Computing machine

MCQ: The type of computers that falls in the category of third generation systems is known to be

A) Supercomputers
B) Mainframes
C) Scientific use systems
D) Minicomputers

MCQ: Multiprocessor systems have better performance by providing

A) Short response time and short throughput
B) Short throughput and high turnaround
C) High access time
D) Short response time and high throughput

MCQ: The operation of subtraction of 01110 from 10101, would generate a result of

A) 1101
B) 11000
C) 11100
D) 111

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