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Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 352

Practice Online analytical processing (olap) quiz questions and answers PDF, online analytical processing (olap) MCQ with answers to solve data science worksheet 352 with online free courses. Practice Advanced SQL quiz questions with answers, online analytical processing (olap) Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online DBMS, DBA. Free online analytical processing (olap) MCQs, join expressions, database views, online analytical processing (olap) test prep for online bachelor's degree computer science.

"OLAP systems allows users to view data at any desired", online analytical processing (olap) Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices subprocess, process, level, and function for cheapest online computer science degree. Learn advanced sql questions and answers with free online certification courses for computer majors.

Quiz on Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) PDF Download eBook

Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) Quiz

MCQ: OLAP systems allows users to view data at any desired

  1. Process
  2. Subprocess
  3. Level
  4. Function


Database Views Quiz

MCQ: An SQL view is said to be updatable, if the from clause has

  1. Only 1 database relation
  2. Only 2 database relation
  3. Only 3 database relation
  4. Only 4 database relation


Join Expressions Quiz

MCQ: The right outer join preserves tuples only in the relation named after the

  1. Right inner join operation
  2. Right outer join operation
  3. Left outer join operation
  4. Left inner join operation


Data Storage and Querying Quiz

MCQ: The query processor allows database users to have better performance while being able to work at the

  1. Physical level
  2. Logical level
  3. View level
  4. Virtual level


Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) Quiz

MCQ: Generation of finer-granularity from coarse-granularity data is

  1. Possible
  2. Not possible
  3. Simple
  4. Complex