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Applied Physics MCQs - Chapter

Measurements in Applied Physics MCQ with Answers PDF p. 6

Solve Measurements in Applied Physics MCQ with answers, College quiz worksheet with answers key PDF to practice Applied Physics MCQ Test 6 for online courses. Practice physics basics Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), Measurements in Applied Physics quiz with answers for admission and merit scholarships test. Measurements in Applied Physics MCQs PDF: physics basics, applied physics: physical quantities, metric system conversions, international system of units, significant figures calculations career test for online college courses.

"Computer which is a product of chips has been developed from basic idea of" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on measurements in applied physics with choices operating systems, physics, micro controllers, and english for GRE test prep classes. Solve physics basics quiz questions for jobs' assessment test and online courses for online colleges that offer certificate programs.

MCQs on Measurements in Applied Physics


Computer which is a product of chips has been developed from basic idea of

operating systems
micro controllers


Physical quantities that cannot be described with the help of other quantities are called

base quantities
derived quantities
mechanical quantities
both a and b


Unit for measuring solid angle is called

plane angle
right angle


According to the system international, amount of substance is measured in



After the decimal point, the number is less than 5 which is to be neglected,then the retained number

gets increased
get decreased
remains unchanged
may decreased

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