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Organizations Questions and Answers PDF Download 63

Practice Organizations trivia questions and answers, organizations quiz answers PDF to solve sociology mock test 63 for online degrees. Learn "Groups, Organizations and Rise of Network Society" trivia questions and answers, organizations Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for accredited distance learning universities. Free organizations MCQs, group conformity, new industrial economy, what is culture, social change and great transformation, organizations test prep for online certificate programs.

"In sociology the rules and regulations of the society is called", organizations Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with choices values, customs, norms, and culture for online schools that offer certificate programs. Learn groups, organizations and rise of network society questions and answers with free online certification courses for online graduate programs.

Trivia Quiz on Organizations PDF Download 63

Organizations Quiz

MCQ: In sociology the rules and regulations of the society is called

  1. Customs
  2. Values
  3. Norms
  4. Culture


Social Change and Great Transformation Quiz

MCQ: The highlights the rapid growth of production and availability of all kinds of data and information is known as

  1. The modern age
  2. The cyber age
  3. The information age
  4. Knowledge


What Is Culture Quiz

MCQ: Who described the definition of culture?

  1. E.B Tylor
  2. Franz Boas
  3. Margaret Mead
  4. August Comte


New Industrial Economy Quiz

MCQ: According to sociologists, England, the home of

  1. Factories revolution
  2. Industrial revolution
  3. Communities revolutions
  4. Mechanical revolution


Group Conformity Quiz

MCQ: According to sociologists the social group with three members are called

  1. Triad
  2. Dyadic
  3. Tripal
  4. Social groups