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What is IELTS and how to apply

IELTS is International English Language Testing Service, a test taken to asses' English proficiency of candidate at international level. If you want to take admission in some institute or want to go for job IELTS is very necessary and requirement of most of institutes at academic as well as professional level.

It is reliable and secure test, taken by British council and Australian organization. IELTS is basically of two types, IELTS General and IELTS academic. IELTS general is simple and specific for those who want to work in other countries and IELTS academic is for admission in Universities and colleges. IELTS marks range is in bands. Maximum bands are 9 out of which 6 bands is satisfactory band. All the details regarding grading are mentioned in IELTS hand books published by concerned organization. IELTS mainly comprises of listening, writing, speaking and reading skills in which each skill is further divided into sub parts according to pattern. IELTS have test centers in overall the world, and its test schedule is mentioned on website in form of yearly calendar. This test comprises of almost 2 hours 45 minutes.

Once you are fully prepared for IELTS test, don't wait for registration of the test. For registration of IELTS test, go to or visit your nearest test centers. First check the test dates/schedule and fee details would be also provided on the website. Print out IELTS form or take a copy from nearest test center. Completely fill the forms with required information; especially take care of your name and postal addresses while you are filling the form. Deposit the IELTS fee along with application form and if you are sending form via mail, ask IELTS center about the process of submission of fee. Fee for IELTS in the United States is approximately US$ 225 if going to appear in USA. For other countries like Canada, Australia, China, United kingdom, you should visit IELTS Official Website to find fee structure and other details. Once you have done with your application, test center will conform you about test date, time and venue. Note that your speaking part of the test could be held before or after 7 days of the confirmed test date. When you have done with your registration and get confirmation of your test date, must take your passport or CNIC along you.