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How to improve communication skills

Good communication skill is always recipe to success. By having good communications skills you can actually grasp over your surroundings, your workplace and your academic career. People says that good communication skills is a blessing but I will rather say that it's all about practice if you have practiced well and you follow some tips and techniques you can overcome your weaknesses and can transform your weakness into your strength. A communication skill is not to just speak but communication could be both written and oral. Some tips for excellent communication skills are given below;

Try to focus on what you are speaking, and be confident in what your are communicating. Try to build up whole start, middle and end points about what you are communicating. While having oral communication or presenting in the public always tries to keep eye contact. Write down bullet points about what you are communicating. Speak your mind, it means always convey whatever is in your mind. Do not hide the words from audience or paper. It will enhance your communication skills. Always practice at home, in front of your mates even in front of mirror and try to analyze your voice and body language tool. This is one of the best techniques to improve communication skills.

Try to make your gesture, your body language and your speech in a rhythm because this will be the real success for you. Try to include some interesting examples while you are speaking. This will help you to magnetize your audience. Listen and read more material to speak effectively. Always try to speak in moderate pitch, not in shrilling voice and not in very low tone like mumbling. Empathy is the important element that you should have if you want to be a good speaker>. Always think what other wants to listen from you or what you wanted to listen if you will be at place of listener and communicate accordingly. Always try to minimize your stress by including some humor while you are communicating. Avoid attitude of extra complaints and criticism, do it when there is dire need of it and try to avoid negative gestures.

If you follow even 50% of the above mentioned tips, sure that you will feel difference in yourself while communicating with others.