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What is technology

Technology can be termed as body of knowledge for creating tools, development of skills, and modification of existing processes or methods for the betterment and to meet the needs of mankind. It can be referred to the application of scientific methods along with knowledge of multiple disciplines for the solution of any problem, while searching for the solution it may lead to some new invention too. It is the source of development in our lives.

In today's world the convenience, ease and availability is due to the technology. Furthermore it is a source of developing our abilities to do different tasks more efficiently and swiftly as compared to the people of the past.

Impact of technology

Technology developed our life style and occupational skills. It modified and streamlined almost all the sectors of life such as agriculture, medicine, business, transportation etc. there are plentiful inventions we are taking benefits of. Years ago people can just imagine about those things as fiction but science and technology turned that into reality and today we cannot imagine ourselves without the fruits of technology. If we look at our surrounding we would find the abundance of the inventions of technology serving mankind.

Services in certain fields

If we have a look of the past, communication used to be through the sources that consumed a lot of time. Now with the help of advanced technology communication is modified and it became cheaper, efficient and swifter. We can communicate around the globe by emails, video calls and messages for instant responses.

The inventions of technology are best serving in medical field. In the past natural remedies were used to cure the diseases and for healthy living. But technology made our lives healthier and prolonged. Diseases which were a severe threat for lives are no longer. Due to the advancement of technology we can enjoy variety of food round the year.

Education is also influenced by the inventions of technology. Researches and finding information that was a time consuming and difficult task to accomplish is turned into more enjoyable and easy task through computers (internet). Sharing knowledge, reading novels, online libraries etc has made education more convenient and approachable.

Field of business is also revolutionized by the technology. Businesses are streamlined and effective that led to the several job opportunities.

Future of technology

Apart from those sectors agriculture is enhanced too by technology. The process of cultivation that used to require dozen of people can be done more easily and on a large scale with the help of few machines. Food produced is healthier and easily available. Production on mass scale to satisfy the appetite of large number of people is possible due to the technology.

During last few decades the advances of technology has innovated transportation, medicine, businesses, education etc, however there is a lot more to experience yet, as it will further move forward in the journey of development.