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What is organic chemistry

Now days if we talk about consumer products, petroleum, pharmaceutical, petroleum products or biotechnology, these all are into existence and better form because of applications of Bio chemistry. In simple words organic means natural but when there is word organic chemistry, it is and could be synthesize products. Synthetic compounds are compound that undergoes through a chemical reaction to get desired output/form.

Organic chemistry is the branch of chemistry that basically deals with study and reactions of carbon compounds. Million of compounds are actually organic compound and fewer are non-organic compounds. While studying organic chemistry, chemist in industry is more interested in development of industry and chemist in Academia is more interested in research, so this all is game of Research and development.

The real work on organic chemistry started in 16 and 18 century when in 17 century a Swedish scientist made proper distinction between organic and in organic substances. Furthermore in 18 century a famous scientist who made organic sources from biological sources. After this progress one scientist distinguished living and non-living organisms. Vital theory was further introduced in late 18th century. This theory states that there is a force in organic molecules that inorganic molecules do not include. But the real start of organic chemistry was a magic kind of experiment by Fredrich Wohler who converted ammonia cyanide into Urea. That was actual start of organic chemistry after that people got more inclined towards knowledge of organic chemistry and they experiment and made products in every field, from consumer products to petroleum products.

Some people think that organic chemistry does not have practical applications in life activities. its teaching does not contribute more but I will like to say that organic chemistry is worthy in social life and its applications are countless if we go in the detail but briefly I will say that it has contribution in clothing, hair dyes, fibers, medications and insecticides. These are just a glimpse to show the importance but there is long list of fields that progressed due to organic chemistry.