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Tips to attempt MCQs

Some people/students says that Multiple choice questions totally depends upon luck, if your answers are right you can get full marks and if wrong you will get zero. Now the question is why your answers are wrong in multiple choice questions? There are several reasons for it. Researchers suggest that it is more of psychological test than knowledge test. If you learned to take pressure, understand the statement fully and ready to take pressure only then you can be succeed in what you are going to attempt.

There are some tips that will help you to solve multiple choice questions;

  • First of all study all the theory about the subject that would be including in MCQs.
  • Check all the possible MCQs about the topic from internet and previous mock tests so you can have an idea that how questions would be structured.
  • While attempting test keep your mind relax, allocate time for every MCQ equally. Read every statement very carefully. Carefully notice that if there is any negative marking, what would be impact of right or wrong answer.
  • Always read the full statement with all choices even you feel that first option is the right choice because sometimes it happens that there are two choices one is exactly right and one is close to right answer so if you read all the choices clearly you will come to know you had narrow escape by choosing wrong choice.
  • There are always tips and techniques given to solve the MCQs read before solving MCQs.
  • Always read negative worded statement twice because sometimes you cannot understand the impact of negative word within the sentence and choose wrong answer.
  • Before choosing the option once research that “does your answer making any sense”
  • Some post test techniques include that once you have done with the test do not leave the test place early because sometimes it happens that you leave some options unattempted for the end time. Read the entire test carefully once and if you have left some option and if you do not know the correct answer, try guessing the right choice.
  • Do not ever over right the answer while you are attempting MCQs. Try to follow instructions how they instructed to solve the test and submit it to your instructor.