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What is TOEFL and how to apply

TOEFL mainly stands for Test of English as Foreign Language. This test is mainly taken for University admission and foreign Visa, scholarship etc. The purpose of this test is to check your English communication skills. This test is mainly required in US, Australia, UK and some Canadian academic and professional institutes. TOEFL basically comprises of four portions i. reading, writing, speaking and listening. The purpose is to check proficiency level of candidate in English by different possible aspects.

By taking TOEFL test candidates academic skills would be enhanced. It can give provide opportunities to candidates further. Learning TOEFL also enhances you speaking skill. Research shows that more than 27 million people have taken TOEFL. This test can also be known as a final go ahead for university admission.

While registering for TOEFL test, there is no barrier of educational limit. There are four basic ways to get register yourself for TOEFL test. These ways can be online, phone, Email and via postal. Once you have taken TOEFL test it would be valid for two years. Always keep planning the test date and remember that if you have selected a test date you have to get registered 7 days ago to take test in the said date. Cost for appearing in test is approximately 165$. For registration go to the specific registration, create your account and see new information visible to you.

Create your full profile as per requirement and take care of your spellings while filling form because it is something will help you enter into text center. With the help of your account you can further access you can visit your home page where you will see different options with one option “register for test”. Read the all instructions mentioned on the page and select the test location from the list. Select the desired test date from down. After choosing your test center and demographic question, finally register yourself and if you think information provided by you is correct, click continue and if you think information is not correct click cancel. Next step would be submission of payment that you will do online by your visa card. Once you are done with payment, final confirmation message would be shown in front of you. At the end you will see your final order number with all information for time, date and venue for the test.