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Rotational flows Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook p. 15

Rotational flows trivia questions and answers, rotational flows quiz answers PDF to solve mechanics mock test 15 for online degrees. Practice Elementary Fluid Dynamics trivia questions and answers, rotational flows Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve mechanics test with answers for engineering online degree programs. Free rotational flows MCQs, density, manometry, pressure at point, streamlines, streak lines and path lines, rotational flows test prep for online engineering colleges.

"Bernoulli equation cannot be applied across streamlines if flow is", rotational flows Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices laminar, linear, rotational, and none of above to learn online engineering courses. Learn elementary fluid dynamics questions and answers with free online certification courses for online engineering graduate schools.

Trivia Quiz on Rotational flows PDF Download eBook

Rotational flows Quiz

MCQ: The Bernoulli equation cannot be applied across streamlines if the flow is

  1. Linear
  2. Laminar
  3. Rotational
  4. none of above


Streamlines, Streak lines and path lines Quiz

MCQ: A line that is everywhere tangent to the velocity field is

  1. flow line
  2. streamline
  3. streak line
  4. All of above


Pressure at point Quiz

MCQ: The pressure at a point in a fluid at rest is

  1. independent of direction
  2. direction dependent
  3. motion dependent
  4. none of above


Manometry Quiz

MCQ: The device which involves the use of vertical or inclined liquid columns to measure pressure is

  1. manometer
  2. anemometer
  3. speedometer
  4. thermometer


Density Quiz

MCQ: The reciprocal of density is

  1. specific volume
  2. specific mass
  3. specific density
  4. specific viscosity