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Streamlines Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook p. 10

Streamlines quiz questions and answers, streamlines MCQs with answers PDF to solve mechanics worksheet 10 for online graduate programs. Practice Elementary Fluid Dynamics quiz questions with answers, streamlines Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve mechanics test with answers for engineering online degree programs. Free streamlines MCQs, static, dynamic, stagnation pressure, pressure variation in fluid with rigid-body motion, streamlines, streak lines and path lines, steady and unsteady flow, streamlines test prep for online undergraduate engineering schools.

"Sum of pressure, elevation, and velocity effects is", streamlines Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices constant across streamlines., changing across streamlines, not constant across streamlines., and none of above to study online tutor courses. Learn elementary fluid dynamics questions and answers with free online certification courses for grad school interview questions.

Quiz on Streamlines PDF Download eBook

Streamlines Quiz

MCQ: The sum of pressure, elevation, and velocity effects is

  1. changing across streamlines
  2. constant across streamlines.
  3. not constant across streamlines.
  4. none of above


Steady and Unsteady flow Quiz

MCQ: The smooth flow of highly viscous syrup onto a pancake represents a

  1. deterministic laminar flow
  2. turbulent flow
  3. sinusoidal flow
  4. none of above


Streamlines, Streak lines and path lines Quiz

MCQ: The lines obtained by taking instantaneous photographs of marked particles that all passed through a given location in the flow field at some earlier time called

  1. path line
  2. streamline
  3. streak line
  4. flow line


Pressure Variation in Fluid with Rigid-Body Motion Quiz

MCQ: The pressure distribution in a fluid mass that is accelerating along a straight path is

  1. hydrostatic
  2. not hydrostatic
  3. static
  4. none of above


Static, Dynamic, Stagnation Pressure Quiz

MCQ: The static pressure at stagnation point in the flow field is called

  1. stagnation pressure
  2. dynamic pressure
  3. surface pressure
  4. field pressure