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Reversible non flow processes Quizzes Online MCQs PDF Download eBook p. 17

Reversible non flow processes quiz questions, reversible non flow processes multiple choice questions and answers PDF to prepare thermodynamics exam worksheet 17 for online certificate programs. Practice Reversible and Irreversible Processes quiz with answers, reversible non flow processes Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve thermodynamics test with answers to prepare engineering courses for online degrees. Free reversible non flow processes MCQs, units, liquid, vapors and gas, reversible non flow processes test prep for engineering graduate colleges.

"Thermodynamic process occurring at Constant temperature is called", reversible non flow processes Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices isochoric, isobaric, isothermal, and isentropic to learn online tutor courses. Learn reversible and irreversible processes questions and answers with free online certification courses for online engineering graduate schools.

Reversible non flow processes Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Reversible non flow processes Quiz

MCQ: The thermodynamic process occurring at Constant temperature is called

  1. Isobaric
  2. Isochoric
  3. Isothermal
  4. Isentropic


Liquid, Vapors and Gas Quiz

MCQ: The end point of phase equilibrium curve of thermodynamic system is called

  1. End Point
  2. Critical Point
  3. Phase Point
  4. Transition Point


Units Quiz

MCQ: One Joule is equivalent to

  1. Kg m/ s²
  2. Kg m²/s
  3. Kg m²/s²
  4. Kg m/s


Specific Heat Capacity Quiz

MCQ: The specific heat capacity of water in J/kg ?°C is

  1. 4185
  2. 4815
  3. 4518
  4. 4234


Units Quiz

MCQ: The SI unit of force is

  1. kgm/s
  2. kgm/s²
  3. kgm/s³
  4. Nm