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Computer System Overview Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 15 PDF Book Download

T-s diagram quiz questions, t-s diagram MCQs with answers pdf 15 to study online thermodynamics course. Practice "second law of thermodynamics" quiz questions and answers, t-s diagram Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) to practice thermodynamics test with answers for engineering online degree programs. Free t-s diagram MCQs, entropy, liquid, vapors and gas, pressure, specific enthalpies of perfect gas, t-s diagram test prep for online engineering programs.

"Area under temperature entropy curve (T-s curve) of a thermodynamic process represents", t-s diagram Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with choices heat absorbed, heat rejected, either heat rejected or absorbed, and none of these for college admission test. Learn second law of thermodynamics questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online engineering colleges.

Quiz Questions on T-s Diagram 15 PDF Book Download

T-s Diagram Quiz

MCQ: The area under temperature entropy curve (T-s curve) of a thermodynamic process represents

  1. heat rejected
  2. heat absorbed
  3. either heat rejected or absorbed
  4. None of these


Specific Enthalpies of perfect gas Quiz

MCQ: The unit of specific enthalpy is

  1. KJ/kg
  2. KJ/Kg.K
  3. KJ/kg.s


Pressure Quiz

MCQ: The difference between the absolute pressure and the atmospheric pressure is called

  1. Total Pressure
  2. Gauge Pressure
  3. Standard Pressure
  4. Vacuum Pressure


Liquid, Vapors and Gas Quiz

MCQ: At critical point, the heat of vaporization is

  1. Zero
  2. Maximum
  3. Minimum
  4. Average


Entropy Quiz

MCQ: When heat is absorbed by gas, change in entropy is

  1. positive
  2. negative
  3. Either positive either negative
  4. Infinite