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Specific Heat Capacity Quizzes Online MCQs PDF Download eBook p. 11

Specific Heat Capacity quiz questions, specific heat capacity multiple choice questions and answers PDF to prepare thermodynamics exam worksheet 11 for online certificate programs. Practice Working Fluid quiz with answers, specific heat capacity Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve thermodynamics test with answers to prepare engineering courses for online degrees. Free specific heat capacity MCQs, pressure, entropy, perfect gas, state of working fluid, specific heat capacity test prep for engineering associate's degree online.

"Heat required to raise temperature of unit mass to One degree is called", specific heat capacity Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices specific work, specific heat capacity, specific enthalpy, and specific entropy for online degree programs. Learn working fluid questions and answers with free online certification courses for pre employment screening tests.

Specific Heat Capacity Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Specific Heat Capacity Quiz

MCQ: The heat required to raise the temperature of unit mass to One degree is called

  1. Specific heat Capacity
  2. Specific Work
  3. Specific Enthalpy
  4. Specific entropy


State of Working Fluid Quiz

MCQ: Matter contained within boundaries of thermodynamic system is called

  1. Boundary fluid
  2. Working fluid
  3. System fluid
  4. All of these


Perfect Gas Quiz

MCQ: For same temperature and pressure, the volume of one mole of any gas is same as volume of one mole of any other gas. This statement is called

  1. Avogadro's hypothesis
  2. Joule's Law
  3. Charles Law
  4. none of above


Entropy Quiz

MCQ: The gain in entropy is the measure of

  1. Reversibility of process
  2. Irreversibility of process
  3. enthalpy of process
  4. Total entropy of system


Pressure Quiz

MCQ: Process in which pressure remains constant is called

  1. Isometric
  2. Isothermal
  3. Isobaric
  4. Isochoric