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Physical Interpretation Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook p. 9

Physical Interpretation trivia questions and answers, physical interpretation quiz answers PDF to solve mechanics mock test 9 for online degrees. Practice Elementary Fluid Dynamics trivia questions and answers, physical interpretation Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve mechanics test with answers for engineering online degree programs. Free physical interpretation MCQs, newton's 2nd law, relationship to material derivative, system of units, confined flows, physical interpretation test prep for university entrance exam.

"Pressure variation across straight streamlines is", physical interpretation Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices not hydrostatic, hydrostatic, static, and none of above to study online training courses. Learn elementary fluid dynamics questions and answers with free online certification courses for online engineering graduate colleges.

Trivia Quiz on Physical Interpretation PDF Download eBook

Physical Interpretation Quiz

MCQ: The pressure variation across straight streamlines is

  1. hydrostatic
  2. not hydrostatic
  3. static
  4. none of above


Confined flows Quiz

MCQ: The unit of volume flow rate is

  1. m²/s²
  2. m³/s
  3. m³/s²
  4. m²/s


System of units Quiz

MCQ: The prefix peco is used for

  1. 10-9
  2. 10-12
  3. 109
  4. 1015


Relationship to material derivative Quiz

MCQ: The Reynolds transport theorem is the integral counterpart of the

  1. velocity derivative
  2. material derivative
  3. acceleration derivative
  4. All of above


Newton's 2nd Law Quiz

MCQ: The lines that are tangent to the velocity vectors throughout the flow field are called

  1. Fluid lines
  2. Stream lines
  3. tangent lines
  4. field lines